blargbot is a multi-purposed bot for the Discord chat platform, designed with customizability in mind.


blargbot has a large variety of built-in commands. Wanna find out what time it is somewhere else in the world, or convert between currencies? Need to ban or kick someone? Have a craving for some meme image generation? blargbot has got your back.

Every command can be restricted to any role, and most can be disabled altogether.



If you're looking for a modbot, then look no further! blargbot has a huge suite of moderation commands and features, ranging from mutes and bans to full censors and anti-mention detection. Every action can be logged in a modlog, where mods can specify the reasons for what they did. Transparency!

We also feature a warning system. Warnings can be assigned manually, through censors, or programatically. If a user's warning count exceeds a specified threshold, they'll automatically be banned! Or worse, expelled.

All moderation features are supported in BBTag, for full customization!


Don't you hate it when something happens, but there's no proof? Well, blargbot solves this with chatlogging! This is an opt-in feature which logs all the messages blargbot can see, and allows you to quickly and easily retrieve these logs at any given moment. Chatlogging is disabled by default, and only 7 days worth of messages are stored.

Additionally blargbot offers a whole bunch of other logging options, including username and avatar changes!


The primary philosophy that blargbot follows is customizability. Nearly everything blargbot has to offer can be tweaked, right down to the prefixes that you can use!

blargbot offers both guild prefixes and personal prefixes, so you can use whatever you want wherever you are!

Almost every command can be restricted, toggled, or completely overwritten.


Arguably blargbot's largest feature, BBTag is a powerful custom scripting language called BBTag that allows you to easily make your own custom functionality.

You can use BBTag in almost anything; custom commands, public tags, greetings/farewells. The sky's the limit!

The applications are endless, too. Overwrite default commands, make your own moderation suite, or just make a minigame to have fun with!

The public tag ecosystem is entirely run by the community; people like you! Thanks for being awesome.

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