Privacy Policy

Last updated: October 29, 2021

Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer. I am just a developer, and this is a hobby project. And as such, I cannot afford to hire a laywer. I'm writing this Privacy Policy to the best of my abilities. If there are any flaws, or things that need to be changed, please let me know!

By adding and using blargbot, you agree to everything within this Privacy Policy. If you disagree, please remove blargbot and request that your data be deleted.


For the purposes of this Privacy Policy:

  • Discord refers to the chat platform created and operated by Discord, Inc.
  • User or Account ("you") means a unique account created by you on the Discord chat platform.
  • Guild or Server means a server or guild on the Discord chat platform.
  • blargbot ("we", "I") is a bot that interacts with Discord in order to provide functionality to the user.

Information We Collect

We collect the following information about users:

  • General information about users who have executed commands, such as:
    • their ID
    • their username
    • their discriminator
    • their avatar URL
    • their history of usernames
    • other blargbot-specific information explicitly provided by the user
  • General information about guilds, such as:
    • guild id
    • guild name
    • other blargbot-specific configurations
  • Chat logs (where applicable)

Usage of Information

General information is primarily used for caching purposes, to ease the burden on Discord's API. The exception to this is username history, which is used for historic username lookup as a moderation utility.

blargbot-specific information and/or configurations are used to faciliate functionality within blargbot, such as the tag system.

Chat logs are stored purely for moderation purposes, and are only collected when the guild has explicitly opted into the chat log system. It's expected that when guilds opt-in to chat logs, they convey this to users within the guild. Chat logs are used by users to pull up a list of messages sent in a guild, including message edits and deletions. Additionally, chat logs may be used by blargbot to supplement other logs with additional context (ex. message deletion logs).

Information Lifespan

General information and name history are stored forever, or until the lifespan of blargbot has been exceeded. It can be requested to be deleted at any point. See the Information Deletion section.

Chat logs are stored for exactly 7 days from the time the message has been logged.

Information Deletion

To request that information is deleted, please either: